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? You have a company and you are looking for an experienced and creative partner in the area of online events, esports events or live events?
? You would like to arrange an online or offline tournament, or you would like to organize an esports event on stage or at point of sale?You would like to offer a league for your community?
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Metal Gear Solid 4
Client: Konami
System: Sony Playstation 3
Language: English
Event information:
European elimination tournament for the world cup 2008 in Tokio, Japan with a total of 16 tournaments (consisting of 16 teams each, while a team had 6 players) and 1700 players
Offer: Micro Site | Tournaments | Support
Period of time: 2008 - 5 weeks
Heroes of Newerth
Client: S2Games
System: PC
Language: International
Event information:
Heroes of Newerth Super Series with a total of 256 teams. International tournament over 8 rounds (K.O. system) with a lot of prizes.
Offer: Micro Site | Tournaments | Support
Period of time: 2011 | Several weeks
Civilization 5
Client: Fan project (BF)
System: PC
Language: German / International
Event information:
Unlimited Free-For-All (FFA) league games of all types. Very flexible league with occasional tournaments and a lot of functions, e.g. play-per-email.
Offer: BF Page (Standard) | League | Club
Period of time: 2010 | As long as there are CIV5 players
FIFA 10/11 virtual league
Client: EA Sports
System: PS3
Language: German
Event information:
Countless tournaments and league with descension-and-ascension system, numerous active players from the console communities (ps3-talk).
Offer: Page (Standard) | League | ps3talk
Period of time: 2009-2011 | ended by FIFA12, might be continued
Call of Duty Black Ops
Client: Steel Series
System: XBOX
Language: International
Event information:
Leagues with descension-and-ascension system, numerous active players from the console communities.
Offer: Micro Site | League | XBOX
Period of time: 2010-2011 | Several weeks

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